Mak Mat is the result of a mixture of minerals and resins (acrylic). The particular application of the gel, makes the Mak Mat solution satin and matt at touch. It resists at wide temperature variations, UV rays and stains. Is antibacterial and has a good impact strength (tensile and bending).


To remove water stains and dirt that normally settles on the surface, simply wipe with soapy water or common non-abrasive detergent used with nonabrasive sponge.


In case of stubborn stains, the surface of Mak Mat can be restored with the use of slightly abrasive products (Cif cream).


Some improper use can cause visible defects on the surface. In order to repair deep scratches, minor cheaps and stains, products for sanding can often be used on the surface. If the film surface is not damaged in all its thickness, fine sandpaper (800-1000 grit) can be used until surface is completely uniform.


Do not use harsh chemicals such as acetone, turpentine, acids, paint strippers, cleaning for ovens or for the cleaning of metals. Some substances such as ink, cosmetics and dyes in prolonged contact with the product can leave stains on the surface. Do not put lighted cigarettes on the surface, do not cut directly on the surface. Mak Mat is a product with good resistance to heat but avoid placing hot objects on the surface.