Mak Lux is the result of a mixture of minerals and resins. The particular application of the gel, makes the Mak Lux solution perfectly bright and unalterable. It resists at wide temperature variations, UV rays, and stains. Is antibacterial, and has a good impact strength (tensile and bending).


For daily cleaning, use only nonabrasive products, suitable for cleaning the bath, apply with a soft cloth.


The surface can be restored with the use of products for the polishing of bodywork (polish) available in Hobby stores and applied with a soft cloth and a circular motion. The low abrasive effect of this product, remove minor damage and restore the shine of the surface.


In case of more evident scratches, which may not exceed the thickness of the gel surface, rub down with very fine sandpaper (grain 1200 / 1500) always in a circular motion, then proceed as for stains.


Do not use solvents (such as paint thinner, acetone, trichlorethylene), paint strippers, oven cleaners and metals cleaning. In case of accidental contact with the surface of these products, rinse immediately with running water, then, in case of opaque surface, proceed as for stains. Mak Lux is impact resistant, but heavy or sharp objects may leave marks and bruises.